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At Circle Heifer Development our priority is your success and that starts with excellent nutrition and superior animal care.

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Experience Through The Entire Process

The diverse management team is experienced and well rounded in all aspects of agriculture and has over 150 years of combined experience in the industry, including bovine genetics, dairy production, and animal nutrition.


Superior Rations At A Lower Cost

Circle Heifer Development creates a great advantage for customers because we have control of 90% of the feed supply. This competitive advantage allows CHD to forecast and provide ration prices on an annual basis, which creates a superior ration at a lesser cost. We realise reproduction is a bi-product of nutrition and milk is a bi-product of reproduction, Our goal is to maximize your profit margin and minimize your costs.



A Beneficial Environment For Raising Dairy Heifers

Located in the heart of The United States, our southwest Kansas facility provides several key benefits to raising dairy heifers.

The climate is dry and arid with an average rainfall of 19 inches per year. Our July high is around 92 degrees and the January low is around 15 degrees on average. These mild conditions allow for a comfortable environment to raise and develop heifers. The central location also adds value by enabling us to ship and receive heifers within a day from almost anywhere within the United States.

A Comprehensive Development Program

  • Full service development facility
  • Five months of age to springing heifers
  • Vaccination program from arrival through pre-calving
  • Artificial Insemination with expert genetics consultation
  • Weekly veterinary care, plus palpation
  • High quality roughage diet with ample feed supply
  • Monthly nutritionist evaluation
  • Individual records for each heifer managed on Dairy Comp 365